Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him. –Luke 8:39

I had this coffee table.  It was old and beat up, but nothing a new coat of paint couldn’t fix.  Three coats later the table looked new.  Perfectly placed in our newly constructed sunroom the table sat unblemished.  After adding accents and such I couldn’t help but notice the table with its perfect finish was a bit conspicuous. Something’s not right about that table I thought… considering perhaps we made a poor color choice.  Deciding to ignore my decorative instincts I moved on to more important issues; after all it was just a table.  But each time I walked into the room I’d stop and stare at that table. Eventually I decided all it really needed was a little “distressing”, a technique used to add character.  And so I proceeded to sand the edges and corners allowing a bit of the old paint to show through, adding to the overall character of the table.  While sanding, I considered the significance…Through sufferings the Lord produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character.  Scouring the table watching the paint dust accumulate over my hands, I reflected back to the sermon from that morning–go and make disciples. Sitting on the cool floor basking in late afternoon sunbeams I was captured in a moment of clarity…

There are times for passionately preaching God’s word and there are times when within our inner circles we must simply share our stories, displaying our scars in light of the God we’ve come to know.  In all things we are to be witnesses for Christ, telling how He sustains us, how He provides for us, how He strengthens us. We must tell of His grace and the way He carries us during our heartache.  Tell them how even though you’re suffering you know that the God who gave everything to save you is working everything out for your good and His glory, even now.  There are few things more powerful than the faithful words of a persevering believer.  Such words stand in stark contrast against the ugly backdrop of a withering world. Go tell the world something it doesn’t know. Share your story– share your God!

~Kimberly Murray

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