“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

God is forever working in the lives of His children.  Sometimes we need the perspective of time to see the manifestations of God’s work–the progress of His plans.  The purpose of events happening today may not be obvious to us.  The key is to trust the word of God even when you can’t recognize His hand— God promises to prosper and not harm us. God will accomplish His purpose in us. He will bend and break us, lift us and fill us to make us like Christ. When we are sitting in ruins, battling our demons, mourning our losses and crumbling under the weight of brokenness God may seem distant… He’s not. He will not forsake us. He will not leave us. He will not forget us…

God knit you together, thread by thread, in your mother’s womb.  Your scars, your losses, your pain can all be used for the Glory of God.  If you are a survivor of abuse seek to help others who have suffered that same anguish.  No one understands better than someone who has walked a mile in those same shoes.  If you’ve been freed from addiction, come along side another who struggles and offer them an anchor for their soul.

We all have a testimony, use yours for the glory of God!  Reign defeat down upon the enemy who seeks to destroy you by praising the Lord in spite of your sufferings. Allow the light of Christ to shine through your cracks… be a light on the hilltop.

The call of God.  We all have one. The engraving upon your soul, that which you were created for. You were fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose. Get quiet and seek the Lord…step out in faith. Preparation can be painful, God can’t use a people filled to the top with themselves. In weakness there is strength.

Kimberly Murray


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