I Will Trust in You

When I’m afraid, I will trust in you. (Psalm 56:3)

Worry. Sometimes I struggle to trust God for the simplest of things.  It’s crazy. I trust Him to save my soul, but I struggle to trust Him with my work, family and finances.   I waste so much time dwelling on or anticipating things that don’t  even come to pass.  After everything I’ve been through, even after God has rescued me time and time again, I still worry.  It’s ridiculous, really, and I know it.

But worry and fear are powerful forces.  The enemy uses them against us and they can be crippling.  We are commanded to be anxious for nothing but to bring everything to the Lord in prayer. When we are afraid we must trust in HIM.

We must take every thought captive. We must meditate on the truth of God’s word.  We must fill our hearts and minds with the truth of who God is.  We must bring our anxieties to the Lord and LEAVE them there.  When we begin to dwell, we must pack up our junk and carry it straight to the throne room and lay it down before the Creator of the universe, the Author of our faith, the One who spared nothing to save us.  We must then leave it there knowing and trusting that He will not allow our foot to slip; He who keeps us will not slumber. He will strengthen us, He will help us, and He will uphold us with His righteous hand.

What then shall we fear?



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