Moment by Moment

I’ve traveled so far.  I want to be holy, to be set apart for God.  I want my life to be transparent. I want Christ to manifest Himself through me. I’m a work in progress, I am learning and God is teaching; subtly, consistently,  impressing His truth upon my heart and mind through His word and the testimony of others.  I am only now beginning to grasp the understanding that many times I’ve had it all wrong.  I’ve searched for manifestations… for God to manifest himself to me, but the truth is God manifests Himself in us and through us.  I must be willing to step aside, to allow Christ to have His way in me so that wherever I go, whomever I speak with, there and to them Christ might be manifested.  I’ve awaited events or times or ways, while my life passes by.  Each day I am provided with an endless supply of opportunities to reveal Christ. Time is short, and we waste so much of it.  We wait for God to reveal himself to us when really He’s waiting to reveal himself in us.  Is our life a mirror for Christ? Are we reflecting pools or mud puddles?  I get frustrated when my expectations aren’t met, then God reminds me that in those moments I disregarded as meaningless, he was working through me, if I let him. That’s the answer, it’s moment by moment–the life of Christ demonstrated in what we say,  how we act, the words we use, the grace we show, the patience we exhibit, the humility we demonstrate, the self control we use, the love we give.

We often waste the treasure of our time while waiting for the big reveal.  Every single day we are provided a countless number of eternal opportunities.  We must seek to submit ourselves unto Christ, we must seek to allow Christ to bleed through us and we must seek to be transparent to the Spirit of God.  Every day people are dying without Christ; seek to be a vessel, a soul set apart unto the Lord, through whom He is able to reveal Himself to a lost and dying world.   The flood waters are rising; the time is now.


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