The Love of God

“I have loved you with an everlasting love…” Jeremiah 31:3

I am a hands-on kind of learner. It is difficult for me to read something and know how to do it. I’ve always learned best by doing, by seeing. I like to have a face for a name, when friends share stories of their families I often request to see a picture and I am pleased upon meeting someone I’ve heard so much about. I have difficulty understanding, grasping and fathoming, the love of God because I know it is unlike anything I’ve ever known. It is immeasurable. I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to fill my time with other more tangible things… things I can see, and touch, with tasks I can measure and accomplish. And that is why it is so important for me to fill my heart and mind daily with the truth of God’s word. The truth of God’s love for me, and why it is important for me to write things down, to journal the ways in which He loves, protects, cares and provides for me.

Recently I realized, the closest earthly example I had of the unconditional love of God, was the love of my mother. She carried me in her womb, and through the pain she birthed me. When I was sick she nursed me, when I was sad she nurtured me and when I was hungry she nourished me. She sacrificed for me, loved me, she gave herself to me and for me. She encouraged and lifted me. She pushed me, corrected and disciplined me. She forgave and encouraged me. And she was there, always there-always. She would have given her life for me, without a thought of her own.

When I need an example of God’s love… I will remember my mother’s love, and know, that as wonderful and awesome as it was, it pales in comparison to God’s amazing love for me—like a raindrop to an ocean.

–Kimberly Murray

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